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The field of arts in our society is thriving! Young artists, musicians, poets and author alike are on the rise and their talent is so rich, that it can't be ignored.

Ali Zafar is one such talent of our land. He said, "I have had the great fortune of learning about different aspects of the music industry. As artists of human beings in general, we are intrinsically prone to become self indulgent or internally focused, but that is the mistake most of us make. To think we are it and here forever. I feel the only thing that carries on beyond our existence, is the honesty in our work and the sincerity of our intentions."

He further added, "An artist leaves a legacy, and surely that should not just be about him or her. In an era where we are bombarded with tools that bring out the vanity in us, I think it's important to see the beauty and talent in others and help them achieve their goals and dreams also. Become a part of their struggle and journey and help them in any way you can."

Thus, Lightingale Records has been launched by artist Ali Zafar to help mentor, nurture and produce the works of young up and coming artists - all personally by Zafar himself.

After all, in his words, "You are not a star, if you can't shine for others. Let's shine for each other and share the light."

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