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During this time of self-isolation and social-distancing from your homes, staying occupied and distracted is key in...

During this time of self-isolation and social-distancing from your homes, staying occupied and distracted is key in passing the hours, when you perhaps do not have other work piling up. For that free-time, whichever way it may be utilised, we have a few recommendations for movies which might make the day feel lighter for when you want to relax!

Pretty Woman, 1990

A classic for all generations! Both genders can enjoy truly enjoy this tale of unconventional love. You can’t go wrong with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, the two powerhouses of 90’s romance. The story comprises of a well-to-do entrepreneur who hires a prostitute, Vivian, and despite the contrast of their two worlds they fall in love, but it is not without trouble. This interesting movie with its twists and turns keeps you hooked while giving in to that nostalgic feel-good vibe that will definitely raise your spirits!

Parasite, 2019

Oscar winner and brilliant tragicomedy about Seoul Korea and the class system divide, showing a not-so-well-off yet close knit family, the Kim clan, bluffing their way into the lives and home of the wealthy Park family. The gripping theme and character performances distil its richness and refine it. Covering the topics of greed, discrimination, social status and materialism in a suspenseful and satirical way, life-snatching, as its namesake suggest, is taken to another level in an eccentric way which one can only understand relatively, when they see it.

The Joker, 2019

Another Oscar winning film, the Joker is a story about the character, Arthur’s, slow and painful descent into a different type of madness. Joaquin Phoenix brings you into DC’s dark Gotham City and moves you away with his heart-breaking performance as the “mad-man”. Sensitivity warning as this film does trigger emotions such as anxiety, or panic due to its realistic and powerful performances. Another side to the Joker is revealed in which one pities him at the same time as observing and understanding how he became the notorious enemy of Batman in the modern day. When one can understand and empathise with a villain, that’s a watch-worthy movie!

Forrest Gump, 1994

A heart-warming and wholesome tale filled with all sorts of adventures and a different side to history as told by Forrest Gump, a lovable character who has a famously low IQ, but that does not stop him on his journey through life, or render him without hope and a positive attitude despite his experiences. A wonderful movie to enjoy with the family, Tom Hanks’ terrific and memorable performance is sure to steal your heart!

Trilogy: The Godfather

A classic mob story about Don Vito Corleone, the leader of an Italian Mafia Family and his son Michael. The decision to put Michael in charge of the empire proves to be a grave misjudgement as the lives of his loved ones and family are endangered. Over the course of 3 movies, Michael’s decisions and life unfold in unexpected twists and illicit more interest as to what will take place from here, where does the family stand and can he handle it? Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Andy Garcia and Robert De Niro deliver timeless performances you cannot miss.

Animation: Frozen II

A fun animation movie to boost your mood and take you away is Frozen 2! New and relevant with empowering themes, this movie is an adventure of its own! Like its predecessor, the Frozen films have created an impact in cinematic history being one of the intelligent, humorous and interesting stories that can be suitable for all ages!

Mean Girls

A funny, satirical high-school comedy from which songs, quotes and music videos have been inspired years later. This hilarious, iconic movie is a must watch for 16+, entailing the school culture and divide as well as a witty depiction of the drama that ensues, making it all the more entertaining.

Harry Potter Series

A common demand you will read over facebook is for Harry Potter to come to Netflix. This series by JK Rowling is adapted into fun-filled movies for the entire family to enjoy, addressing the world of fantasy, magic, adventure and friendship in this joyous chronicle, which will whisk you off your feet! It never gets boring.

Home Alone

Perfect for the occasion, Home Alone is till one of Macauley Culkin’s most notable performances, as Kevin McCallister, an 8-year-old boy who has been accidentally left at home by his parents and siblings, and all sorts of trouble he gets into. You could never go wrong with a Christmas Movie ANY time of the year!

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