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There has been a lot of talk, a lot of rants and a LOT of hype about the latest feature film, Joker, with the legendary actor, Joaquin Phoenix.

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this article as such. Our take on it is for those who appreciate a platform for mental health and anti bullying platforms.

Phoenix has been known to be one of the greatest actors of our time – be it his role in ‘Gladiator’ which also earned him an Academy Award Nomination, his brilliance in ‘The Master’, or his take on Johnny Cash in ‘Walk The Line’ and now, his method acting brought to life in ‘Joker.’

A film that leaves you quietly screaming – but what are you screaming about? Some people clapped, others gave standing ovations, but this was something that brought life to a topic that has long been shuffled and pushed on over to the side much like bullies do to the ‘peculiar’ kids in real life. Are you screaming inside for help? To help? To agree? Or simply angrily because this is being seen as a mass murderer apologist?

Our view at Edition? It is not apologising for mass murderers at all. We felt this was a story about a boy who became a man who was unheard through life, and where his condition was made fun of, and he was bullied and pushed.. until he broke. A simple tale of not caring for each other, being civil or understanding about another person because we are numb to feeling empathy or… just don’t care.

We understand the concerns for those who have refuse to see it due to giving people a reason to commit gun violence. Believe us, we are not disregarding that at all. This is issue was more deep rooted that how you saw it if that is what you felt. Let’s not add to the % of the people who turn the other way when you should be turning to help, to understand and to avoid a recurrence of people who turn to violence to be heard.

This has no doubt been a sensitive film – the birth of an evil man by the hands of other men. A movie that highlights one thing we forget every single day: be nice to each other. Be kind. And try not to mock what others are sensitive to.

The message is so simple. And yet, it’s the simple things we push aside. the ‘TBD’ part of life. It’s a lesson to be more sensitive to your peers, to strangers, to…. everyone.

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