The WHO has declared Pakistan has not met prerequisites to ease lockdown restrictions, recommending an intermittent lockdown.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), addresses the lifting of restrictions in Pakistan, deeming it does not meet the pre-requisites to for-go lockdown measures, the matter is further discussed in a letter penned to Lahore Health Minister, Yasmin Rashid.

The letter highlighted the spread of coronavirus cases to major cities and the imminent danger caused by a spike in the number, with citizens showing lack of precautionary measures and going out and about without any regards to SOPs. The letter further details how the partial ease of lockdown on May 1st and the complete lifting of lockdown on the 22nd of May has caused the virus to grow rapidly, increasing the rate of infection in the country.

The WHO has recommended that the Government implement a "2 weeks on, 2 weeks off" policy, which would at the least attempt to curb the rising cases, which as of Tuesday, 9th June, have been reported to be over 110,000. Pakistan has not met the conditions for public health and safety, which include that disease transmission is under control, work places, essential places are lacking in preventative measures, many communities are not aware or educated on the matter efficiently and therefore cannot adjust under the new way of living adequately. In addition to not fulfilling these health measures/conditions, the Nation does not have the technological advancement to track each and every case, neither is there a minimisation of risk factors in the country's hot spots.

Strategic action must be taken in efforts to reduce the rising number of Covid-19 cases and help the country recover. Dr. Yasmin Rashid has announced at a press conference that the WHO letter will be presented in the Cabinet, as she pointed out that the fact that relaxation of the lockdown has made people falsely believe that the infection at hand has disappeared altogether, SOPs must be implemented.

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