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Wake up earlier to make the most of your day!

How you conduct and begin your morning is often foreshadowing for how the rest of your day will be. Often enough you may have faced a bad morning and that negative edge has continued to follow you through the lingering stress to ensure that the entire day feels spoiled.

So here are some activities you should totally include in your morning routine so that even if something doesn’t go your way -- the physical and mental benefits of these will ease that away!


The benefits of this ancient practice are often forgotten as in recent years the yoga craze has been driven solely into the fitness direction. When you stretch first thing in the morning you are letting your body release many traumas and pent up energy and allowing it to flow more freely within. You are also starting the day by cultivating your awareness and allowing yourself to become more present, which is a great president for the rest of the day. Go onto Youtube now and find an endless selection of courses and routines for beginners.

Walk/run https://www.instagram.com/p/CWWpACILECk/?utmmedium=copylink

Physical activity produces endorphins and lets you start the rest of the day with an energised and upbeat attitude. When these activities take place in a nature based setting you are also rewarding yourself with fresh air, beautiful scenery and a chance to practice your mindfulness by becoming aware of your actions as well as surroundings. A good walk, or for some -- a good run, is definitely something to consider for your morning meditation.


The benefits of morning meditation include a mood boost, improved focus and productivity, as well as lower levels of stress and anxiety later in the day. Similar to yoga, meditation is a practice that allows you to connect better with yourself, increase awareness and free your head from all the worrying and daunting thoughts. Mornings are the perfect time of day for this as much of medication focuses on your breathing which is deep and purposeful -- benefiting your body in countless ways before you start your day.

Cooking Your Own Breakfast

By eating a well balanced, nutritious breakfast you are ensuring that your body has the correct fuel it needs to face the day ahead while keeping you sustained till the afternoon. When you prepare this meal for yourself, it sets the tone for the rest of your day as you begin by nurturing and taking care of yourself first thing in the morning. You obviously don’t have to force yourself awake super early and create something lavish, a simple bowl of instant oatmeal still benefits the purpose and requires showing yourself the care and dedication you very much deserve -- all while engaging in an activity which compels you to be present.

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