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Our feet bare the brunt of our long, tiring days.

Many of us will agree to experiencing a hot, uncomfortable sensation in our feet in the summer. In some cases, we experience swelling of the feet and ankles as well. These symptoms are not be taken lightly. They may be indicative of bigger health issues that require the attention of a doctor.

However, there are certain basic things things we can do every single day that can prove beneficial, not only for the comfort of our feet but also for our overall well-being.

Keep Them Clean

Our feet get grimey and sweaty. They are enclosed in sometimes ill fitting shoes, old shoes and those dreaded flip flops. When taking a shower, make sure you pay special attention to those babies. Use a gentle soap or wash and make sure you get between the toes (we don't want any toe jam leftovers). Once they are tip top clean, make sure you dry them well.


Moisturising isn't just for your pretty face. Invest in a good foot cream to apply daily before bed. However, be mindful of not putting any kind of cream between your toes. The skin between the toes must be kept as dry as possible to prevent infection. Your regular body lotion works fine. The Ponds Triple Vitamin lotion works fine and is easy on the pocket too.

Watch Out For Those Toenails

Toenails can get gnarly and create a whole host of problematic situations that can cause severe pain. If you wear closed shoes, you run the risk of in grown toe nails and that dreaded toe fungus. Make time for a monthly pedicure to get those nails clipped, cuticles removed and any signs of an ingrown nail dealt with accordingly. Pay attention to the texture of your toenails also. If you feel like they are hardening or becoming brittle, that may be a type of fungus. The discoloration of toenails is a sure shot sign of fungus. Ask your chemist for a topical ointment and that should do the job in a week or two. In severe cases, you may have to see a podiatrist for fungus removal.

I think I am going to try the pedicure at Ensemble this month.

Get A Massage

Nothing beats a foot massage to get your whole system in order. The foot is full of nerve endings that can cause alot pain but the right stimualation can provide instant relief to aches and pains all over the body. Depending on how mangled one's feet are, start with a weekly massage and then you can tone it down to a monthly outing. According to Harvard Medical School, foot massage stimulates your muscles, improves circulation, lessens stiffness and tension, and can eliminate pain. Foot massages also contribute to lowering blood pressure, improved circulation and can even counter anxiety and depression.

Do you have a daily footcare regimen? Share it with us!

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