With QMobile appointing Dirilis Ertugrul's Esra Bilgic as their new Brand Ambassador, celebrities are divided.

QMobile recently appointed a new brand ambassador and it came as a surprise that they appointed an international celebrity Esra Bilgic, she is a Turkish actress and model born in Ankara Turkey, best known for her role as 'Halime Sultan' in the historical epic called 'Diriliş: Ertuğrul'.

Some celebrities feel this is a fantastic decision taken by the brand as it brings diversity into our country whereas others express their disdain about the matter at hand.

In our entertainment industry at this moment celebrities are divided into two groups, some feel this is not an adequate decision and some feel it is. Yasir Hussain expressed his contempt about the decision, stating that a Pakistani brand should have Pakistani ambassadors, neither Indian nor Turkish; he was also backed up by a few other celebrities such as Minal Khan and Aiman Khan but not all sided with his opinion.

Ayesha Omar, Anoushey Ashraf, Bilal Ashraf, Aijaz Aslam and Agha Ali were of the opinion that there’s no harm in international artists working in Pakistan and in fact, we should endorse collaborations and have a more hospitable approach.

“If Fawad and Mahria can work in India, I’m sure international artist can work here,” - Anoushey Ashraf

While Agha Ali expresses that we should welcome international artists with open arms and give them a choice of working with us, he feels that this would help us build ties with other countries.

“Let outsiders feel welcomed here and stop making all of us actors look insecure,” - Agha Ali

“Art has no language or boundaries,” - Bilal Ashraf. He also expresses that Pakistan is a country full of wonderful people. Since we have so many celebrities, we will then also have many opinions.

After her husband's stance, Iqra Aziz expressed her take tactfully, that everyone has a right to express their opinion and that there is no need to point fingers and she is absolutely right. Everyone has a right to their opinion as long as it does not harm anybody, and in fact we can think of this as a healthy debate, which it is.

However, with the negative reactions to Yasir Hussain's point of view, Armeena Khan became the voice of reason, asking people not to bully and scrutinize the actor for expressing himself, even if they themselves disagree.

Now that QMobile has already gone ahead and made their decision we can sit back and wait for all plans to take effect and eventually see how things play out. This may actually be a great new path for Pakistan, we should definitely learn to play well with others, understand that competition is healthy and we are all in it to make a difference (a good one of course).

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