With the third spell of monsoon in Pakistan, the country's struggles to deal with the heavy flooding and consequences.

As the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has correctly predicted, the monsoon has arrived right on time for its third spell this month.

Image Credit: Geo News
Image Credit: Geo News

Previously, the rainwater had caused quite a bit of havoc in its wake. Broken roads, flooded areas, cars shutting down, houses falling apart and fatal electrocutions. Despite the annual monsoon, the country is not equipped to deal with the aftermath, nor does it have the resources to cope with the heavy rainfall, an hour of rain showers can cause days to weeks of damage.

Today, Karachi faces a stark contrast from sunny streets to drowning roads, as users on twitter have managed to capture.

Areas such as North Nazimabad and Orangi Town face the brunt of the rain, the conditions are terrible, ranging from school children being rescued from drowning, to sewage water and overflowing gutters not only demolishing homes but being host a breed of diseases and detrimental unhygienic conditions for the inhabitants there.

Celebrities such as Ayesha Omar, Wasim Akram and Ahsan Khan are among a few who expressed their shock and sadness over the terrible consequences the monsoon rains had on Karachi and its currently deteriorating infrastructure.

We stay diligent for more predictions although not much at the moment can be done about the areas submerged under water except for issuing a wake up call to look into measures to prevent such consequences.

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