YouTubers have branched out and created a unision with fans to request an official YouTube office in Pakistan.

YouTube and other social media in Pakistan has become rampant and a vital part of everyday life. All the news, reports, statistics and everyday happenings cannot happen without being available on social media.

Now, the hashtag which has gone viral, '#WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK' has gained public attention and knowledge. YouTubers and other social media users have expressed the need for a physical space which will be viable to their functioning and growth as the app becomes more popular.

The proposal of an office comes as users claim this will help resolve many issues they are facing. An example is that of Raza Samo, whose channel 'KhujLee Family' was hacked initially. Samo went on to disclose his frustration on the matter with fans. Although after requests from others on behalf of KhujLee Family to restore the account, monetization was lost and the impact of the loss was significant.

Other public figures in the Pakistani media industry, such as Asim Azhar, referred to Samo as one of the 'top youtubers' of our time as well. YouTubing has become an essential job for its content creators and producers, generating an actual revenue. In many countries, a space or allocation for the channel to host content creators has been allotted, but in Pakistan the movement to create a platform where the talent can be harnessed and explored has kickstarted.

The pioneer of the technology movement in the country, Waqar Zaka, has advocated for a space time and time again. An area which can be utilised for YouTubers to get innovative with their ideas, creativity and channel their energy and talent into producing content as well as having the tools available to monitor or improve the content is crucial.

Users have come together and expressed the need to expand their horizons as they are entitled to their own space. Not only does this give them the opportunity they need, but as an actual job jurisdiction and revenue generating organisation, the encouragement of a technological evolution would benefit Pakistan profusely, and boost it's name in the social media world internationally as well.

With the recent threat of the Supreme Court hinting at banning YouTube, a revolution seems to have been ignited. As the debate continues we have one question in our minds, will there be a YouTube office in Pakistan? Let us know!

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