Check out some of the contemporary makeup looks and styles trending this year!

Trends this year are ranging from creative and colourful looks, to dewy and soft complexions! We’re witnessing a major resurgence in 80s-inspired fads, impactful eyeshadow and sparkles everywhere. Make a splash this year and maximise your makeup game with the 8 hottest trends of this year.

Creative and Exaggerated Eye Shapes

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The eyes are a huge focus for makeup in 2020. Over exaggerated eye shapes and blocks of colour around the lids are hugely trending. Overliner, bright corals and graphic winged eyeliner are all the rage. Hop onto this trend and don’t be afraid to experiment! Consider wearing liner and eyeshadow outside the confines of your lash lines, try out some abstract designs and dig deep for that colourful pallet you thought you’d rarely use. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Soft/Natural Glam

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This season, fresh-faced radiance and soft glam looks are more in the spotlight- Less is more with this rosy cheek and lip combo. Lip tint, soft cream blush, subtle mascara and light eyeshadow isn’t just trending in Pakistan, but globally. Some makeup artists are even going as far as natural-looking and youthful fake freckles using an eyebrow pencil. A softly illuminated complexion will give you a soft, dewy look- like you just performed an 8 step skin care routine. Trust us with this one, it’ll do wonders for your makeup game.

Rhinestone and Crystal Embellishments

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Clearly, the Euphoria effect is here to stay! The mesmerising beauty looks of rhinestone eyebrows and jeweled eyes has influenced makeup artists everywhere- Sequins and sparkle have been a favorite this year. You may choose to go all out in full rhinestone glam, or strategically place a crystal at the end of your eyeliner wings to give a fun and subtle touch! We’ve spotted similar makeup designs worn by influencers and on the runway, so be sure to give it a go!

Soft Fox Eye

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This Kendall inspired fox-eye look can be achieved with contouring your eye shape from above your crease upwards towards your brow bone. Think: upturned, arched and elongated eyes- like, you guessed it, a fox. Not to be confused with the cat-eye, this new fad is more natural and subtle. With some subtle and strategic eyeshadow, it’s one of our simplest trends!

Neon Eyelids

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Everyone is looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate colour into their beauty routines- and neon eyelids are a fan favourite. Taking a page from the neon-filled decade of the 80s, these vibrant mod eyes are a fun and creative way to stand out. The best part about neon eyelids and makeup, is how easy it is to apply! A simple inner corner highlight or subtle winged eyeliner can go a long way - with an easy, bright bold liner, makeup artists recommend keeping the rest of your makeup simple and neutral.

Blue Eyeshadow and Liner

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Another gorgeous shade you can count on seeing is deeper, royal navy blue. Slowly making its way back to the red carpet, this hue highlights your features for a head-turning look, and is an easy and doable way to stand out. Fashion trends are varying from minimalism to bodler and more decorative patterns- and blue eyeshadow is the hottest way to update your going out look.

Fluffy/Feathery Brows

The past few years have been all about brows- and makeup artists in 2020 are finding more ways to make your brow game stand out. Blocky brows are out, and feathery brows are in. A nice, sophisticated and natural look that’ll make you look youthful and glamorous, this trend is super easy and inclusive look that works for everyone. We definitely recommend trying this out!

Sustainable Beauty

More people are becoming conscious and aware of their footprint on the environment, and have been changing their routines and consumer consumption to reflect their commitment. We've recently witnessed the introduction of environmentally sustainable brands who limit unnecessary waste and support environmental charities, and we’re all for it! Green and sustainable beauty and makeup is making headlines, and more consumers are switching to friendly products.

We have trends from not just all over the globe but right here in Pakistan as well which will not only make your look pop but stand out in the best way! Plus, if practicing work from home, you can try out all the fun looks for the coming festivities post-pandemic!

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