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Reports have stated that Microsoft Internet Explorer will be shutting down in 2021.

We fondly remember the days of Internet Explorer being the main source of browsing from the 2000s. Memories and associations with Microsoft's reliable browser will always be cherished as the program was unable to keep up with the fast-edged Google Chrome, which dominates the main browsing scene with Firefox close behind. Thus, Microsoft has officially announced they will end the program Internet Explorer on the 17th of August 2021. The company claims that Microsoft 365 apps and services will disassociate from the browser.

The program will be replaced by new software Microsoft Edge, which has more features than its predecessor. The program which will be released will rely on Chromium open-software which was used by Google when developing Google Chrome. A version which does not use Chromium will be redundant in 2021, on 9th March; soon thereafter, Microsoft Edge - the Chromium version, will be the main source of browsing released.

Discussing the new user interface and experience of Microsoft Edge, the company attests that users can 'seamlessly experience the best of the modern web in one tab while accessing a business-critical legacy IE 11 app in another tab'.

For quite some time now, the Microsoft Company has been trying to get users to switch over the the legacy Edge version by stalling support for the Internet Explorer program. The refer to it as a 'compatibility solution' rather than an internet program which is inefficient for businesses who continued using it.

With the announcement of Internet Explorer's shut down, a general positive response has been received regarding the long awaited change.

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