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Dubai-based tech start-up, 'Lock&Stock' officially launches in Pakistan to combat digital addiction!

Lock&Stock is a Dubai-based business start-up which specialises in technology, providing a free mobile application to monitor and encourage the well-being of students in the education field.

The tech start-up works in a creative way, rewarding students for good behaviour by providing them positive sanctions for staying off their phones - keeping them "locked" to not only combat unhealthy addictive behaviour but also strengthens their concentration span. A few of the sanctions include being rewarded keys in order of the duration they lock their phone, for example. The keys provided do not only allow students to enjoy food offers, activities and discounts but can also play a part in applications for internships, jobs and locking down scholarships with options ranging among 400 universities!

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Geek Fence

Craig Fernandes, the CEO and Co-Founder of Lock&Stock stated that “Digital addiction among students is on the rise with especially 16-18 year olds spending hundreds of hours glued to their smartphones. Our brand purpose is to improve the lives of students and we aim to fight digital addiction among students from around the world.”

The app has been made in such a way with an infused tracking system to check the activity time of students, focusing on how much time they spend offline instead of using their phones, which inhibits their concentration span on participating in other activities. Since its introduction in the UAE, 50,000 students have spent a significant amount of time offline.


A statement issued by Lock&Stock attested that "Since [the app's] inception in the UAE back in 2017, over 50,000 students have spent a combined 558 years offline,"

With the goal of reducing and inevitably ending digital addiction among the youth in Pakistan, the app is preparing for a local launch, after proving successful abroad in the UAE.

The app can be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play!

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