A second wave of COVID has been predicted in Pakistan as cases have substantially increased.

Coronavirus is on the rise once again as cases accumulated over the past 6 weeks have indicated a spike in the number of positive test results.

Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has time and time again advised caution and the practice of SOPs to make conscious efforts to reduce the threat of COVID-19 in Pakistan which went down in the summer time before schools were opened in September.

According to the Prime Minister's office a statement was released regarding the context of the meeting to assess the COVID 19 situation and further discuss how to act in order to ensure that it does not spread. The total active COVID-19 cases have been recorded to be 8,552 as 385 more people tested positive over the last 48 hours.

A decision to limit 'unnecessary activity' has been made as measures must be taken to guarantee that the virus does not spread like before, when a full lockdown was imposed earlier this year. Now, it has been noted that aside from limiting hotspot areas, public gatherings and avoidance of SOPs, a 'smart lockdown' has been implemented as well in affected areas.

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