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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
Covid-19 is spreading in Pakistan, with SOPs being enforced time and time again. Can the country evade a second lockdown?

The National Coordination Committee(NCC) meeting held under the Prime Minister Imran Khan, ruled out the idea of complete lockdown after noticeable rise in cases reported across the country this Tuesday. Standard operating procedures(SOPs) are to be followed along with smart lockdown, as the country continues with its normal routine. There were no amendments made to the announcement by the National Command and Operation Centre(NCOC) on October 28, 2020.

The country reported new tolls all wide, however the pandemic’s waves had hit the Karachi shores hard with 289 cases on Monday making it the most affected region in the country. Sindh being the highest in counts reported a total of 443 cases that day with Punjab following with 303 new registered cases.

The city of lights has been under the gloom since the rise of the corona pandemic earlier this year. However, the rate of recovery has been 95 percent with 195 patients recovered overnight. The total cases registered so far have reached 146,774 in Sindh with 138,974 recoveries and 2,633 deaths. Punjab with 105,303 cases with 97,532 recoveries and 2,388 deaths while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reached 40,029 with 37,917 recoveries and 1,282 deaths. The capital has hit 20,699 cases with 18,495 recoveries and 226 deaths with Balochistan having 16,023 cases 15,647 recoveries and 152 deaths.

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