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Photo: ARS Technica
Photo: ARS Technica
First 'Chess Corner' to be established near Clifton Bridge in the City Of Lights.

The authorities for the provision of recreational activity for Karachiites are going to establish Pakistan's first chess corner, encouraging a positive image of the city. However it did not go quite as planned with a few citizens.

Commissioner of Karachi, Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, in a recent tweet announced that Pakistan’s first chess corner is being built in Karachi and netizens had creative responses, likening the idea to Netflix hit show The Queen’s Gambit.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner also announced that signboards reading ‘I love Karachi’ in ten different international languages will also be displayed at the chess corner, giving rise to more memes as people compared the boards to tombstones.

Though the initiative is very innovative and beneficial for chess players of Pakistan and after watching the show, people have developed an interest for it, and how to play. The decision can be admired as it provides good exercise for the brain as well and encourages the youth of Pakistan to get going and to spend their leisure time in a productive way.

It has always been a major problem whenever a new infrastructure is created to make the country beautiful and work on its development, which needs to be emphasised. We still hope for the best and urge the government to take measures for the maintenance, both inventive and worthwhile for creative growth in the metropolis.

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