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Lifestyle Updated 04 Jan, 2021

Affirmations for 2021

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Here are 3 things we can keep in mind before bidding farewell to 2020.

Since there are three days left in 2020 here are three things to do for these three days! We understand that this year has been difficult but these things might help end the year on a good note. Here is how it goes:

Photo: Pixaby
Photo: Pixaby

1. Absolutely nothing!

Don’t feel pressured to do anything before the year ends because achieving and learning is not what makes you worthy. You are worthy without all those things.

2. Don’t feel the need to be productive:

This year has been hard on everyone, we have all felt the pressure from social media to be productive and active but the truth is, you don’t need to do what society is doing ever. We are not made to be productive 24/7.

Photo: Motivation Ping
Photo: Motivation Ping

3. Enjoy your downtime, if you want:

Do whatever you want in the time you have, if it means relaxing on the beach, working out, playing music or just bumming around in bed watching netflix all day. If you don’t want to enjoy or relax these last few days then don’t, by all means stay in bed and cry it out! The whole point is doing whatever you feel comfortable doing without worries about society and what they want you to do. We hope that wherever you are in the world, you are safe and healthy, physically and mentally. Happy New Year folks!

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