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Beauty Updated 29 Dec, 2020

Lip Balms for Winter

Photo: Allure
Photo: Allure
Staying moisturised in winter is key, especially to fight off any dry skin problems and look fresh!

Getting that winter glow is important this shaadi season, and the lack of humidity sanctions us to be more particular about our skincare regime! We can use lotions, creams and petroleum jelly, but what works for our skin doesn't necessarily work for others, so lets look at some universal lip balms that can keep us hydrated this winter!

Vaseline Lip Therapy/Pocket Sized

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Available in rosy, cocoa, aloe vera and other flavours, Vaseline is ideal for the season, staying on for quite some time as well as tasting good with a slight hint of colour depending on which one we choose. The only con of this pocket sized lip balm is it opening in your purse and getting a little greasy if not closed properly!

Use: Once when starting your day and before going to sleep.

Born Lippy

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Available at The Body Shop, these delicious balms don't only smell fantastic but also provide a soft texture to your lips with their vibrant flavours in strawberry, grape, raspberry and more!

Use: A little bit 3-4 times a day is advised for winter.

Maybelline Baby Lips

Photo: Maybelline
Photo: Maybelline

Maybelline's baby lips have been in as long as we can remember. With a non-greasy, soft texture, there is a variety to choose from, with a choice to leave a slight tint on the lips too with a rouge touch!

Use: Whenever you feel like!

EOS Lip Balm

Photo: Walmart
Photo: Walmart

Not only does this lip balm look super cute but it's an adorable accessory to carry around whenever you might need a touch up! It's spherical shape makes it easy to apply and we can choose if we want a strawberry tinge, mint, blueberry, organic shea and more!

Use: 2-3 times a day!


Ol' reliable - Nivea can never let you down, whether it be the face cream, lotion or chapstick, The beauty of Nivea products lie in their simplicity, making them a definite go-to with dependable results, plus it's easy to carry around!

Use: 3-4 times in a day and once before sleeping!

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