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Actor and host, Sanam Jung has shot down 'ridiculous divorce rumours' via her social media platform.

The Jago Pakistan Jago has had enough. With rumour and speculation circulating about her alleged 'separation' or divorce from husband of 6 years, Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri, the mother of one has broken her silence.

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Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Sanam Jung has called out online trolls who are spreading ludicrous lies and false reports of her 'impending divorce'. Having silently dealt with it for some time, Jung has decided to address the talk head on.

"I would just like to clarify that there is no truth to these rumours about Qassam and I splitting up. This rumour started from a fan comment on my (Instagram) post and it’s completely ridiculous. I didn’t plan on posting any kind of clarification or explanation but Qassam and my family have been getting concerned phone calls almost daily about this pressing issue."

The Mein Na Janoo actress went on to state that she is happily married and plans to celebrate her 6th wedding anniversary with her husband.

"Qassam and I are happily married and are about to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary next week. I would really appreciate if people stop posting these false rumours."

Sanam has also emphasised that false reports and such speculation hurt a family, and are a 'very serious accusation' against somebody. Appealing to fans to have empathy, the actress has also asked people not to spark such negative conversation and give way to more false information damaging anyone's reputation for no reason.

We wish Sanam Jung and Qassam Jafri the best ahead of their 6 years together!

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