Here are some mantras we can take inspiration from to start the year off with a good attitude, and better yet to come!

After a tough and turbulent 2020, many people have decided not to expect many great things from 2021, with the New Year celebrations also being limited due to the ongoing pandemic.

Despite growing numbers of cases in Pakistan, we can curb the rising anxiety by practicing affirmations for the new year, instead of associating it with negative memories from the previous one.


A mantra is a type of saying, an affirmation and a motto to a certain extent, which we repeat to ourselves for reassurance in the goals we wish to pursue. On social media, many a time there are also positive outcomes from accounts which specialise in mental health and wellness.

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In these 'January Mantras', we can pick and choose which ones apply to us, and how we can practice these to help deal with anxiety and stress in our lives. Through these affirmations, we are able to calm ourselves down whilst prioritising our mental well being, making us more productive going into 2021.

With the first month of January already mid-way through, it is important to remember that our state of mind defines our current predicament.

Affirmations to Continue

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We may be carrying the burdens of 2020 with us still, but we cannot forget the fact that with the new year, comes a fresh outlook. Without discarding the difficulties of last year, we can embark on a new journey with the lessons we have learnt and what we carry forward.

We can learn a new skill, for example be it in one's work life, social life or personal life, letting go of mental turmoil's, as written by the 'Dimaghi Damsel' on Instagram. Letting go gives way to more space, which helps us accommodate and utilise our time, investing in things more valuable to us, such as ourselves, wholesome relationships and a positive attitude.

The new year does not redefine the difficulties of its predecessor but it does give us all a chance to reflect and exercise everything we have learnt in order to have a more productive 2021, highlighting the importance of self-care during a crucial time.

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