Kick off on International Women's Day - 8th March 2021!

The Pakistan Football Federation announced that the National Women’s Football Championship will take place from 8th March to 3rd April 2021.

There are exactly 20 teams taking place in the tournament meaning a total of 59 matches will be played throughout the tournament. This year the nationals will be taking place in Karachi ,just as they did last year for the first time. Since the tournament began, it took place in either Lahore or Islamabad.

The teams are divided into four groups of five where we will have both the development stage as well as the knock out stage.

What does that mean you may ask?

It means that both stages will be held parallel to one another, the development stage parallel to the knock out stage. Teams that will drop out of the group stages will be in competition with one another in smaller knock out stages, while teams play in knock out stages the top two teams from four groups will play their conventional knockout stage. The one team that wins them all will become the next National Champion.

To keep up with the tournament, follow Pakistan Football Federation on Instagram, come to matches to show support and use the hashtag #MaidanLarkionKa

Watch out for our dedicated coverage of the event!

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