With temperatures soaring and Ramzan approaching, here's a few tips on keeping mind and body cool

Come summer, come Ramzan, come short tempers. It's going to a testing summer ahead. With temperatures already rising, it is best to ensure your mind and body at the optimal temperature for you to be at your best possible. We came with up a few times to keep cool (in more ways than one) at work.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

We cannot stress this enough. The amount of water we drink depends on our BMI - some of us will need more than 8 glasses a day. While it can become 'boring' to consume the same beverage all day, you could try adding some slices of lemon or orange and a few sprigs of mind. Try to replace some of your caffeine fix with herbal or fruit teas. Coffee and tea have a dehydrating effect on the body.

Eat Right

Steer clear of oily, spicy foods for the most part. This does not mean that your food has to be boring. Add lots of fresh vegetables and dips to your lunch and replace snack samosas with these as well. Adding yogurt to your diet can also have a hydrating effect. And our ‘desi dahi’ keeps the bad bacteria away that can do all kinds of funny things in the summer. We have been adding Cerhal’s Tatziki dip to everything. It’s cool, it is refreshing and healthy! Their walnut and fig spread can also be used as a spoonful of guilt free dessert at work.

Clear Your Headspace

Working in a hot, enclosed space with the added stress of deadlines and annoying colleagues can be taxing. And you do not want to be labelled as the hot-headed one at work (although all your feelings are completely valid). Step one is to keep calm, and keep kaam se kaam. Stick to your tasks for the day and ignore the petty politics. Do not reply to that infuriating email right now. Wait, have your chai or lunch and then reply.

Make Time For Your Favorite People

Being always busy is not cool or desirable in any way, no matter how hard your hustle. Keep one evening a week for friends - take the initiative to make plans.Keep another evening for family. Also, remember that you are the most important person in your life. Take time for yourself - go cycling, watch YouTube videos or make your daily bath a spa experience. Add different soaps and bath bombs to your bath menu. We are currently crushing on locally produced Bamooz Biologique.

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