From prepping your face to learning the art of layering, you are one step closer to slaying your makeup.

There is no doubt that the latest trend in beauty is no-makeup makeup. Comprising dewy highlighters and natural blush colours, makeup brands are doing their part in supplying us with tools to achieve a natural look. Although very few of us are blessed with a perfect complexion, we have compiled a list of recommendations to make your makeup achieve a flawless finish. From prepping your face to learning the art of layering, you are one step closer to slaying your makeup.

Prep Your Skin

One of the best ways to ensure even product application is to create a smooth canvas for your concealer and foundation. While there are many steps to prep your skin, the key ones include cleansing, hydrating and priming. The first step in prepping is using a gentle face cleanser to remove all dirt and impurities from your skin. After cleansing, apply an alcohol-free toner on a cotton ball and dab it gently on your face. Next, hydrate your skin by evenly applying a moisturizer picked to suit the needs of your skin. The last, arguably most crucial step is to apply a primer to create an even yet smooth base for your foundation and concealer application. However, those with dry skin can skip this step and use their moisturizer to radiate a natural glow in place of a primer.

*My personal favourite primer is the POREfessional primer by Benefit.

Blend, Blend, Blend!

Blending your makeup should be one of the essential steps in your makeup routine. Despite how amazing your products may be, you will be left looking far from flawless if you do not blend them together. Blending not only gives you better coverage overall, but it makes your makeup look seamlessly natural. You should primarily focus on blending your foundation and your concealer, and can do so using your fingertips, a brush, or a beauty blender.


The importance of layering your products should never go unnoticed. Correctly doing so can help you achieve a flawless finish, regardless of what style you are going for. A rule of thumb is to start with liquid/cream products first and work your way to powders.

Pay Attention To Your Neck

The biggest mistake people make when applying foundation is ignoring their neck. This makes the colour difference look very apparent and thus makes your face and neck appear as two different entities. So, if you're wearing anything other than a turtle neck, remember to focus on your neck as well.

Set Your Makeup

In order to ensure a more lasting result, a setting powder is your best option. Not only will it preserve your makeup, but lightweight powders such as "Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder" won't leave you cakey looking either. (Hack: you can spray rose water on your face to set it as well!)

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