'Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.' is a reboot of the original series that first aired in 1989

The TV show that safely planted Neil Patrick Harris in the collective imagination of an entire generation has now been rebooted. The daily life of a child prodigy as a medical doctor was well loved acroess the globe. Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. retains much of the cute quotient from the original series but there are some quintessential changes that have been made.

It's A(An Asian American) Girl!

The child genius has had a gender switch in the 2021 reboot. The M.D in question is played by Disney alum Peyton Elizabeth Lee of 'Andi Mack' fame.

There's Been A Change Of Scenery

The original series was set in Los Angeles while the reboot is set on the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii. This, of course, also entails that there will be plenty of beach bods and surfer love interests. Truly, a 2021 update to the original.

Family Dynamics Are A Bit Different Too

Kamealoha's mother is actually her boss at the hospital where she works, whereas her father is pursuing his passion of selling flowers. In the original series, Howser's father was a doctor while his mother was a housewife. Clearly, the reboot is turning gender roles around.

Will it have the same charm as the original Doogie Howser? Probably not for the generation that watched it growing up. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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