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They say that “the cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” Well, we’re realizing first hand that it’s true! Social media has been awash with the #GreatHaiTohWaitHai and we have no idea what’s going on, other than the fact that there is something big on the horizon. Thousands of people across the country are asking the same question: “Kis cheez ka horha ha wait”?

Almost every known figure on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has posted about it yet there are no hints about what everyone is waiting for! From Ali Safina to Taabish Hashmi, clearly, everyone is excited about something. But what? Have we been missing something? We haven’t been off social media for the last few weeks to forego an event of this magnitude for sure.

It’s such a diverse mix of people tweeting out that our guesses are going haywire. For some, we can decipher the hashtag but for the others, we’ll leave it to you and your imagination.

We all know what Imad Wasim is so enthralled about. Believe us Imad, we are all pumped too, rooting for you guys to bring the Trophy home, but is it what we think it is? The player has taken to his Twitter and Instagram to let the nation know that #GreatHaiTohWaitHai.

And it’s not just Imad. Shoaib Malik too tweeted about something great that is about to happen. Wait, what?

However, if you’re guessing it was the Trophy, we are sure Bilal Maqsood sharing the same hashtag will sway your guesses.

Taabish Hashmi also took to his Instagram with the same hashtag showing us that he too, is waiting for something BIG! Another cliffhanger!

Do you think you have it figured? Well, we don’t! And to add to your curiosity, here’s Ali Safina with the same hashtag.

Remember that proverb which said ‘curiosity killed the cat’? We definitely felt like the cat when we came across Abdullah Khattak’s story. And yes, it has the same hashtag!

Our lovely Saman Hayat Soomro from Stroll With Saman is also gunning up for something “great” taking to her Instagram stories with #GreatHaiTouWaitHai once again!

Maria Unera too is on the bandwagon. There seems to be a connection yet there is this mystery lurking over this trend that has taken over our social media.

Last but not the least, Palwasha from Creative Clutter shared this adorable picture deepening the suspense yet again! It’s hard to control those butterflies in the stomach now!

Much like you, we are clueless too! Clearly, there is something exciting on the way and we are not just inquisitive but thrilled as well. Have you figured it out? Maybe we’ll just have to hold our thoughts for the surprise reveal in due time

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