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Just like there’s a season for everything – shoes, bags, hair, scents… There’s a season for food and especially so, during the month of Ramadan where there is a whole new menu throughout Pakistan, at restaurants and households alike!

We spoke to some of the well renowned people in the world of fashion, media and journalism and asked them what their favourite indulgences are and here’s what they had to say:

Bilal Ashraf, Actor: Lots of salads, non oily foods and tons of water!




Mahirah Khan, Actor: Moori ka bhurta, palak ke pakoray aur kalay chanay ki chaat




Sarwat Gilani, Actor: Rooh afza & fruit chaat




Shahroz Sabzwari, Actor: Homemade triple decker ‘Syra’s sandwiches’



Kamiar Rokni, Designer: I’m actually wild about dates. Love them. What I love most is the experience of getting together and eating with your loved ones.





Ammara Khan, Designer: I love Iranian dates (they’re super soft), fruit salad, the white coloured badaam sherbet, rooh afza with lots of ice and samosas from one particular shop in model town which is close to my mother’s house.




Feeha Jamshed, Designer: I generally love eating and ramzan just has something in the air that is so different from the other months. I’m not a finicky person though. I love a mean fruit chaat and savoury chana chaat or sev puri.




Nikhar Riaz, Sunday Times Editor: Fruit chaat and jalebi!



Natasia Khalid, Former Editor at Grazia Pakistan/Paperazzi: Ice cold rooh afza!




Faryal Mehmood, Actor: I love and make these cheese pakoras on bread which I learnt how to make when i was 10!



Throw in aloo ke pakoray with imli ki chutney and that’s a feast for any being in Ramadan! Happy feasting after fasting!



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