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Karachi is known for its restaurants in abundance of variety! We tried out the newly opened Mexican joint, Adobo which channelled Chipotle in style and excelled in flavour of its own, leaving literally no room for complaints.

Ambience wise, the restaurant had a cool, comfortable feel and vibe to it and we saw the restaurateurs making sure everyone was okay and everything was running smoothly (something that is so, so important even in restaurants that are flourishing after decades!) Also the hand-painted walls matched that cool vibe you feel when you walk in!

What we ate:

To start, we had the tortilla chips with guacamole, salsa and a surprise caso sauce – ALL made in house.



Next up, we had their tacos – not being fans of chicken, we opted for beans in some and beef in the rest. These were deeeeeelicious with a burst of flavour – we got to choose our toppings in true Chipotle (or should we say Adobo) style which was made in front of us and of course there was tons of guac, cheese and sour cream in ours! (Yes, the guac and cheese are extra!)


Before we dove into the heavier part of eating, we washed down the tortilla chips and tacos with a peach iced tea. There was a margarita option but we needed a bit of a caffeine kick mid day!


The quesadilla we opted for was again, beef and OH DEAR GOD – the cheese, sour cream on top and overall experience eating this was just…. WOW. We were all mmm-ing and aaah-ing with each bite – this is not an exaggeration!


Now for the final touch – the burrito bowl and the burrito itself. For the bowl there was meat and the wrap, just beans (being 70% vegetarian means this is going to be a frequent favourite) – BOTH were exceptional! Karachi has not met a burrito or burrito bowl like this before.


A special thank you to the owners, brother sister duo, Asad & Farah Vayani:


Our rating? 9/10

Would we go back? We’ve gone 4 times already and that number is just going to increase. The food was truly magical.

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