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Lucifer has hit the nail on the head from season 1 and we are glad Netflix renewed it for its tantalizing 5th season!

Just when the audience was thinking in Lucifer’s famous words, ‘What Would Lucifer Do?’ the Devil did everything that wasn’t expected from him. He not only came back from Hell (literally) but also had to fight for the trust of his friends who were constantly ‘played’ by his twin brother Michael. The fifth season of Netflix’s Lucifer also had a surprise for its viewers – the season was broken into two parts, with eight episodes coming out in the first part, and the remaining ones later in the second installment. With not one but two Tom Ellis in the picture, Lucifer is here to stay!

Photo Credit: The Tech Education
Photo Credit: The Tech Education

Tom Ellis isn’t going anywhere!

The Devil (Tom Ellis) makes an emphatic return as the charming Lucifer Morningstar and sweeps the audience away with his charm and manners. His return however wasn’t as easy as expected; since he was guarding Hell, his twin brother Michael (also Tom Ellis) appeared as Lucifer and unraveled chaos in the living world. With two Lucifers vying for their father’s attention as well as Chloe, this season was bigger, better, and more charming than the last one. They fight amongst each other, for Michael makes his entry first and tries to destroy Lucifer’s reputation; and when they both face each other, the battle turns into a war. And this is just the beginning!

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‘Brothers In Arms’ Situation Is Too Good To Resist

Not only is there an evil twin in the picture, there is also a ‘Brothers In Arms’ situation, where Lucifer and Amendiel (D. B. Woodside) are on one side, and Michael on the other. With Lucifer talking in a British accent, and Michael sporting an American twang, they can be differentiated, but looks can be deceiving. However, full marks to Tom Ellis who makes us want to support Lucifer against Michael even though there isn’t much difference in their personalities. Add Amendiel to the equation and you come across the mid-season cliffhanger where three of the most powerful beings are fighting each other until their ‘daddy’ interrupts the proceedings.

Photo Credit: LEFToye
Photo Credit: LEFToye

The Chemistry Between the Devil and the ‘Detective’ Is Fiery, Yet Tricky

If you haven’t realized that Lucifer never calls Chloe, Chloe (Lauren German), and refers to her as ‘Detective’ only, then you need to do a crash course in Lucifer before moving ahead. In this season, you get to know that it will take more than a lookalike to deceive Chloe, who somehow finds out that she was created specifically for Lucifer, a fact that puzzles her until she realizes that she doesn’t give a damn about it. Chloe and Lucifer take their romantic affair to the next level, but with side effects that might include switching powers for a limited time. Oops, what would Lucifer do, if he loses his mojo to Chloe?

The ‘Back In Time’ Episode Takes The Cake

There is an episode where Lucifer and Chloe take a trip down the memory lane and solve a mystery, noir style. The biggest difference here is that instead of Lucifer being the Private Eye, it is Chloe who gets to do the sleuthing like Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon. The story follows the ancestors of all the present-day characters in 1946, where the oldies look exactly like their successors, and where, in the end, Maze’s mother puts her immortality in a ring and hands it over to Lucifer. What the viewers get to know after the story concludes (but not the episode) is that Maze wanted to know about her mother’s whereabouts and used Chloe’s daughter Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) to make Lucifer narrate something that had happened a long time back. Amongst all the eight episodes, this one remains etched in the memory even after the part one concludes.

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The Supporting Cast Has More To Do This Time Around

This season is not just about Lucifer and his twin brother but gives equal importance to the supporting cast. You will see a different Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) who has abandonment issues that occur from the departure of Eve at the end of the last season and that’s why she wants to know her place in the City of Angels. She also carried herself well in the flashback noir episode ‘Once Upon A Time’ as Maze’s mother Lilith and enjoys more screen-time and powerful monologues throughout the season.

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The same can be said for Lucifer’s brother Amendiel (D. B. Woodside) and his human wife Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) who are shown to be taking care of their bundle of joy who might play an important role in the second part. Forensic scientist Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) also gets an arc of her own as someone who always falls for the bad guys, despite analyzing everything from top to bottom. Part one ends with the introduction of a new character, and to find out who it was, and how He is related to the Angels and Demons, you have to watch the first part of the fifth season.

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