Here are a few reasons why the hit show will be remembered going forward, making its mark in television history!

It came, it aired and it became part of our lives. How To Get Away With Murder which concluded its run last week changed the way US TV shows were seen, and that isn’t the only legacy it leaves behind.

Its conclusion not only brought the six-season story to a full circle but also taught the audience that everything is not what it seems, friendship is important than any relationship and that telling the truth is the best policy. There are many reasons why ABC Television's legal drama will be remembered for a long time, some of which are discussed below:

The suspense of what happens next kept it alive!

Be it the series premiere, the mid-season finales, the season finales or the series finale, How To Get Away With Murder always kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The murder of Sam Keating took place even before the series premiered but the team behind the series kept the identity of the victim secret and revealed it to the audience as if it happened in front of our eyes. The teasing element was there in a good way throughout the series; even in the last season, everyone knew that Annalise Keating would die but how she would die and when, that was kept a secret that was revealed in the final moments of the grand finale. One bad step from the writers would have made the series a laughing stock but whatever they did, landed them firmly in safe areas.

It took unknown actors and made them part of our lives

Except for Viola Davis, the rest of the actors in the drama were either lesser known or formerly child actors considered for the main role. That helped the series in a big way as the audience clicked with the characters and not the actors who portrayed them. They were all hoping that Wes would return soon, that Michela will get what she deserves, Connor and Oliver will stay together and Laurel would be alive despite her family’s past. When was the last time did that happen, when the viewers were concerned for their beloved characters and not the actors who played them? Not in a very long time!

Everything that happened in the series, happened for a reason

There were people who thought that every season had a murder that was unnecessary; some believed that such an act was committed on-screen to boost ratings but the season finale put an end to it all. The makers behind the series knew from the very first episode what was expected from them, who they had to get rid of during the course of which season and how to end the series in a way that it would look realistic instead of problematic. Annalise was the person behind every decision that her students made, and the writers must be credited for the smooth manner in which they brought everything to a full circle by series end. They managed to keep the audience excited from the word go till the end, and if that’s not an achievement, I don’t know what is!

Each and every question the viewer had was answered …

Why was the FBI interested in putting Annalise behind bars? Why did Asher agree to talk to the Feds in the first place? Who was sleeping around and who was being faithful; did Laurel run away or was she kidnapped with her baby? How would Annalise defend herself when the whole government machinery is against her? These are the kind of questions everyone had while they were watching the final season. Thankfully, due to some sensible brainstorming, each and every question was answered by the makers, and most of the arcs resolved without any fuss. Those who died on screen over the course of the series got justice in their own way and that’s why people didn’t have issues with the unusual ending here. Complete the series before someone spoils the end for you!

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