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This weekend, a fitness expo like never before is coming to Karachi – one that also serves as a exhibit space for everything fitness oriented in the city of
Karachi and thus has exhibitors from lean food stalls, to fitness apparel to exercise equipment to gyms to nutritionists and wellness centers. with a  styling partner for this event, Sajids Salon, who will be providing styling for the Master trainers a well as on-ground styling for our visitors in their exhibit area. The best part? Gatorade will be available throughout the event area for hydration purposes throughout. Yum!

Pakistan as a developing country is struggling in many domains due to which the health system has suffered a lot. As a result of that Pakistan has been ranked on the 122 out of 190 countries in a World Health Organization performance report.
With obesity being a major health issue that has attracted concern only in the past few years, urbanization and an unhealthy, energy-dense diet (the high presence of oil and fats in Pakistani cooking), as well as changing lifestyles, are among the root causes contributing to obesity in the country.

According to Forbes, Pakistan is ranked 165 (out of 194 countries) in terms of its overweight population, with 22.2% of individuals over the age of 15
crossing the threshold of obesity. Women also naturally have higher rates of obesity as compared to men. Pakistan also has the highest percentage of people with diabetes in South Asia.

Borne out of this pressing need for a healthier lifestyle and a narrative change in this country towards fitness, Production 021 the initiators of the event & MindMap Communications  got together to introduce the first of its kind and largest fitness extravaganza called “Kia Get fit Pakistan” this Sunday, the 24th of November 2019 at Beach luxury hotel in Karachi.

Furthermore, the event will also recognize unsung heroes amongst us being the lovely members of the Special Olympics Pakistan athletes, who represented Pakistan this year at World Games, Abu Dhabi and won not only medals but also the hearts of our nation.

The event, Get Fit Pakistan will be a full day event with Yoga, Zumba, workout sessions as well as children’s workout areas and panel discussions on the important issues of the day with Master trainers: Nusrat Hidayatullah, Israa Shafi, Fitness Fanatics, Rizwan Noor, Sara Makki & Sana Garib, Tehreem, Kiran and Talha, Raasti Said, Mantahaa Tareen, Mustafa Totana and Fatima Zahra Mallick to name a few!



These master trainers will be hosting sessions all day long with participants who can either buy tickets for sessions or just at the entry area or book them online on:
Panel discussions with Nazish Chagla and the experts at the Agha Khan University hospital will also be available to the the visitors of this fitness expo so that not just physical but mental stimulation and awareness can also be absorbed during the course of this event.


This event will also have the all new Suv sensation the Sportage and the Picanto on display from KIA Lucky Motors Pakistan Ltd who is the title sponsor of this fitness expo.


We cant wait to experience this event as the nation and this city really needs more stuff like this to get all of us healthy and active!!

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