Nabila's has launched their Nabila Cares campaign to tackle the coronavirus and create the new norm for the way forward.

At a time when the global pandemic has brought the world to a stand-still, a refreshing initiative is more than welcome.

Nabila’s is a renowned name in the industry, needing no introduction. The founder has used her platform as having one of the leading salon’s in Pakistan, to promote a vision for the future, incorporating safety, personal protective equipment, hygiene and precaution into the business.

Launching the #NabilaCares campaign on social media nationwide, has been a morale boost, seeing a passionate approach and initiative taken to prioritise the health and well-being of the stylists as well as the customers alike. Nabila’s has introduced not only temperature checks before entrance but a complete and thorough follow-through of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Not only will social distancing ensue but PPE gear has been introduced along with sanitisation, regular disinfection and client declaration; focusing on complete transmission reduction.

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The new safety measures brought forth are to be implemented in the Salon Franchise across the country. It’s commendable to see such action being implemented as the Service Industry has been badly affected as income is at a standstill.

Founder, Nabila, has presented her vision for the way forward, adapting to the new norm by not letting it impair but instead by reflecting, rethinking and reinventing; truly raising the bar!

“We can either live in a circle of concern, freak out, watch news and wait for things to happen. Or, we can live in our circle of influence and take full charge.”

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