Dr. Farah's moving recitation "Aey Rabb-ul-Alameen" praises the Almighty for all we have, and pays tribute to our heroes

During the time of this strenuous situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, our faith is what keeps us hopeful.

Talented and soulful vocal artist, Farah Essa, recited a wonderful Hamd in light of the Holy Month of Ramadan, “Aey Rabb-ul-Alameen” which is a call for dua, praising the Almighty for His bountiful blessings and more; including prayers to give us resilience as well as our brave heroes, doctors, armed forces and frontline workers who have dedicated themselves to the cause.

Drafted by Sabir Zafar, the beautiful lyrics inculcate the power of peace and and unwavering faith in our Creator, without whom there would be no blessings. In her melodious voice, Farah Essa conveys how we depend on Allah’s blessings to survive, and invokes a prayer for strength and endurance to come out of this tribulation safely and united.

The video also salutes the frontline workers, armed services and doctors working tirelessly for our nation, by portraying her own life as a doctor in this difficult period of time as well. Many are left vulnerable and exposed more so which is further highlighted as we hear Farah Essa’s harmonious voice speaking directly to our hearts, encouraging and uplifting us in these dark times.

The Hamd emphasises the importance of Allah’s blessings and our faith, invoking His help only strengthens us and gives us hope. The beautiful recitation is available on Farah Essa’s YouTube Channel.

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