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We speak to the stylish actor and beautician about her experience during the quarantine!

In this time of social distancing, Team Edition presents the Quarantine Diary! We speak to some of our favourite A listers weekly and give you an update of how they are making it through this time!

This week we spoke to actor and beautician, Zoya Nasir:

What is one thing you make sure to do every day?

I always make sure to be productive every day.

Have you learnt a new talent or reverted to something you used to do but didn't have time to do which you're loving?

I haven’t painted in a while so I will just do that again.

How are you balancing WFH vs being present for family?

Sadly my family is quarantined elsewhere. I stay in touch with them through video calls and WFH resulted in me becoming a youtuber for beauty love and laughter.

What workouts have you been trying out that you would recommend?

Planks for 10 mins in one go.

Favourite song these days? I don’t care by Ed Sheeran

Your go to snack which you don't feel bad about having daily?


Tell us your favourite people to follow for inspiration

Zara Noor Abbas, She’s doing so many things and doing it right.

Give us a tip on how you personally battle anxiety.

By waking up early and keeping myself extremely productive and busy throughout the day.

Give us one positive affirmation for today

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

What have you learnt about yourself that you didn't know, in this time of social distancing?

I can be extremely unapologetic, it’s a good day if you think about it.

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