The SC announces the malls must be opened despite an upward spike in the cases of COVID 19.

Everyone may feel as though slowly life may be going back to the way it used to be, with the curfew being lifted, roads full of cars and malls full of people as the Supreme Court has announced their opening.

We may feel that the situation is improving but what about those that are affected by all this? What about those whose immune system is not able to beat this “common cold” we all know as the deadly COVID 19 virus?

Despite coming to terms with the dreaded fact that an economy such as Pakistan's is not able to withstand a lengthy lock-down, people are worried about the transition back into everyday life before quarantine. Although slowly but surely, life seems to be getting back on track and on the other hand, cases show no sign of slowing down.

Credit: APP
Credit: APP

Thoughts have crossed our minds when retail stores opened up with sales for the festive holiday and citizens felt celebrating Eid with brand new shoes and clothes were of the utmost importance while disregarding the entirety and importance of maintaining standard operating procedures, social distancing etc. The stores were packed with eager customers, some who had brought their families along for the occasion.

Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah, advised this Eid ul Fitr to be spent at home, respecting safety regulations, as he stated "I only try to show the realistic picture of things." - measures are being taken to tackle the increase of cases which has been predicted in the coming weeks, already bordering over 50,000 in Pakistan and showing no sign of reducing in number as more and more people are neglecting SOP's.

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As a third-world country we suffer in many ways, this year our health system and economy will and is taking a big hit as the government tries to control the upward spike in cases whilst keeping our economy afloat with the strenuous situation at hand. We can only hope for a better outcome and focus on staying safe and maintaining social distancing.

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