Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Asad Umar, has declared that dine-in and beauty salons will re-open on Monday.

Asad Umar, who is also Federal Minister for Special Initiatives, has announced that from Monday, the 10th of August, the lockdown will officially end, seeing businesses re-opening after months.

The minister announced the opening of dine-in restaurants and beauty salons at a National Coordination Committee (NCC) briefing. He further elaborated that the measures against Covid 19 were effective and had shown signs of the conditions bettering, with less cases on the rise and a relatively controlled environment as opposed to the beginning of lockdown.

Geo News reported that Umar thanked and acknowledged not only effective strategies by the Government, but adhered to the relentless work of doctors and paramedics for containing and addressing the situation efficiently. The NCC had also decided that from September 15th, Educational Institutions would be re-opening as well after the Ministry of Education reviewed the situation on September 7th of the following month.

"The hospitality sector, restaurants, cafes - a lot of people work in this sector and they were facing a lot of hardship," Asad Umar stated. "So outdoor and indoor establishments will reopen on Monday, August 10."

The Minister also clarified that restrictions on trains, flights and transport were to continue until September,"Passengers will be able to travel on the airplanes in a normal manner from October 1,"

Umar has also emphasised how Pakistan has received international praise for dealing with the pandemic efficiently and exercising smart lockdown measures. He stated how the system in place as well as the heroic behaviour of the people guaranteed that the pandemic would not worsen conditions, as they are allegedly showing signs of improvement, to the extent that the tourism industry has decided to open as well.

"International magazines and newspapers are praising Pakistan and listing us among the countries that dealt best (with the pandemic),"

With Muharram coming up, there will be a discussion held about SOPs to be observed as well as crediting the attitude of the people which has been positive in tackling Covid 19. Not only will a good attitude persevere, but it is important to remember that although the pandemic may be subsiding, it is very much there; SOPs and precautions are still strongly advised.

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