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Several restaurants in Sindh and Punjab have been sealed due to SOPs not being followed.

As the weather changes so does the intensity of COVID-19; over the past few months the Federal Government had already begun setting micro lockdowns in hotspot areas where the coronavirus threat was rampant.

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

To be able to continue living life as normally as possible, authorities had strictly set out rules and SOPs that restaurants were meant to follow. Several restaurants and marriage halls were sealed for three days by the government due to violations of Standard Operating Procedures that were set to control the rise of relentless pandemic.

The Assistant Commissioner of the District Central organized a sweep of a few places that were found open past the 10pm deadline, in direct violation of timing restrictions. The restaurants were sealed for three days.

If there is more cooperation with public areas as Minister for Planning, Asad Umar stated earlier this week, only strict efforts from the public themselves will have an impact on stabilizing COVID-19 as Pakistan has managed to do previously. The more safe we can be, the more we can continue going out and doing business efficiently.

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