News of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine has spread across the globe with it being expected to enter markets soon!

The world has finally taken a sigh of relief after Pfizer and partnering company BioNTech announced their Coid-19 vaccine to be more than 90% effective on November 9th, 2020. Along with the promising results, Pfizer also announced a limited production of 1.8 billion doses by next year. Out of these 80% are pre-booked to be delivered in the United States, Japan and the UK according to NPR.

Though, it seems like a thanksgiving gift to these regions, the rest of the world is to wait with the classified distribution of the rest of the 10%. Additionally, the vaccine is to be kept under certain circumstances that such as Asia, Africa and South America are at risk not to cater. It is to be stored, transported and maintained at a temperature below minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit. With the hot temperatures and infrastructural crisis of these regions, the vaccine is an intimidating challenge.

The focus worldwide is to have such supplies to make the transportation, maintenance and storage of the vaccine safe with a hope to end this pandemic in the coming year. This vaccine has come with a hope while the pandemic has affected 52.3 million people with 1.2 million deaths so far.

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