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Celebrities have been reporting positive COVID-19 tests recently amid the troublesome second wave of the pandemic.

With the second wave of the novel coronavirus, the positivity rate has reached a disturbing high as more and more tests have come back with citizens being infected with the virus. The global pandemic has come back in full swing, and with Pakistan being unable to financially facilitate another lockdown, the stakes are high.

Celebrities such as Sanam Jung, Mahira Khan, Neelam Munir, Jawad Ahmed, Farwa Ali Kazmi, Bilal Maqsood, Naveed Raza, Maheen Khan, Vasay Chaudhry, Usman Mukhtar, Ameer Gilani, Alyzeh Gabol, Abrar-ul-Haq, Mahand many more who have informed fans about their ordeal with COVID-19 from October onwards.

However, fortunately, the promiment figures have all mostly recovered since, such as Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, the Sabaat co-stars, Usman Mukhtar & Ameer Gilani, veteran actor Behroze Sabzwari, but more seem to be coming out with positive test results.

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Raees star Mahira Khan is another public figure who has admitted to having a rough time dealing with coronvirus, self isolating, and imploring fans to continue practicing SOPs diligently. Liekwise, host Sanam Jung has also uploaded a story on Instagram, disclosing that she and her daughter have both tested positive for the virus and are quarantining.

With SOPs not being followed or implemented efficiently, cases continue to spread in Pakistan, with Karachi having the highest positivity ratio to date with an alarming death toll. With the smart lockdown initiative being cautioned, authorities need to strictly enforce proper measures to combat the rising number of cases.

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