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Celebrity and fashion icon, Ayesha Omar has just about had it with online trolls criticising women in Pakistan.

Ayesha Omar is always one to stand up for women's rights in Pakistan. Not only does the Bulbulay star talk about her own personal struggles in the spotlight, but she isn't one to shy away from putting people in their place, and in the nicest way!

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

It seems that picking apart celebrities is a rite of passage for some, who choose to constantly nitpick and criticise female celebrities, what they wear, and how it 'reflects on the country'. A particular 'keyboard warrior' chose to call out Ayesha Omar based on her dress for the Lux Style Awards (LSA). The starlet's pictures and attitude both were sparkling from the red carpet, and when said troll did attack her and stated that 'such clothes were not women empowerment', she clapped back.

"I'm definitely not promoting/asking/urging women to expose their bodies. That is their choice, as wearing this dress was mine. As wearing whatever you want, is yours,"

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The Karachi Se Lahore actor also went on to emphasise that women empowerment concerns women being able to freely make their own choice, be it whatever dress they wish to wear or how they want to be perceived. Ayesha has not only stood up for women empowerment through putting trolls back in their place, but the style icon has time and time again continued her journey of promoting strong businesses run by women in Pakistan.

Whether you catch her in a chic bolero, a dress for the evening, a sunny kameez shalwar, or a beautifully hand embroidered kurta created locally by women from a village in Dera Ghazi Khan, Ayesha Omar is constantly on her game, promoting and supporting small women-run businesses in Pakistan and bringing awareness to people's hard work.

We salute the actress on her mission and dedication to helping others and looking fabulous while doing so, and most importantly, giving women a voice!

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