Guest writer, Nadya Habib gives us a few option on how to stay fit and have fun while doing so

We've all spent countless hours longing for the positive impacts of working out but dreading the actual activity. What if I told you that you no longer needed to hate exercising but rather enjoy your hour of training whilst simultaneously benefitting from the impact. While getting the results you want are important, it is even more important to have fun while doing it. The more enjoyable the sessions are, the more likely you are to stick to them!

We have compiled a list of exercise classes that you should try out if you're searching for the perfect workout.


CrossFit is a form of strength and conditioning training that incorporates constantly varied functional movements. In other words, imagine never getting bored, because you never have to repeat your workouts! "Dynamik Training Systems" is a gym in Karachi that portrays the essence of CrossFit. With high energy group classes that require you to challenge yourself in each and every way, I guarantee that you will be motivated to be stronger, faster and more agile.


Burning 500-1000 calories per hour, who says dancing isn't a workout?! Zumba is definitely amongst the most enjoyable exercise forms around. The easy-to-follow routine not only tones your entire body, but it makes you happy, which in my opinion is definitely better! I have tried out numerous classes in Karachi, but my favourite has to be the classes offered by "Studio X".


Jumpstart your day by joining the exhilarating Boxing classes conducted by “Body/Pilates Lab”. A sport where not only do your coach and opponents push you beyond limits, but you do so yourself as well, making it the ideal full-body workout and a confidence booster. Box to the beat of the music, whilst using the punching bag as a source of emotional and stress relief, to experience the full potential of the class!


Empower your body and mind as you master the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Carlson Gracie Karachi. Prioritise your self-defence technique application as you improvise, endure, and learn to defend yourself under attack. With an exciting environment full of uncertainty, no two matches are the same, so boredom isn't an option. Focus on yourself during this calorie-blasting workout and come out stronger both mentally and physically.

The Final Word ~ Regardless of which workout you opt for, you will have a blast while blasting those calories!

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