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Worried about the contagious seasonal flu? Let’s have a look at some home remedies! By Mahrukh Shahid

In recent times, when we have been fighting a pandemic, being sick with the flu causes people to fret a lot, owing to the Covid 19 virus, which has comparable symptoms. Not only that, but just being unwell isn't fun, even if you're at home all the time. Anyone could be made uncomfortable by a mix of physical aches, fever, shivers, and runny nose.

Nevertheless, you should not be concerned because there are numerous home treatments that can quickly soothe your symptoms and return you towards normal. Let’s dive into some of these godsent remedies that make us love our mothers and grandmothers even more!

Have a simmering bowl of chicken corn soup

Be it summers or winters, a classic chicken corn soup and cracker combo is what everyone loves to have. The soup isn't a cure-all, but when you're suffering, it's a terrific option. According to studies, eating a cup of chicken soup with veggies, whether made at home or heated out of a can, can reduce neutrophil bodily movement. And what are neutrophils? Well, let’s just say they fight the monstrous flu, making you feel better in no time at all!

Gargle with salt water

Even though we all hate the neighbors who gargle loudly in the morning, it is an effective remedy to get rid of the seasonal flu. Gargling helps alleviate a throat infection by moistening it. Gargle five times a day with a teaspoon of salt soaked in warm water.

Use Menthol Salves

Cold sensations such as blocked nostrils and clogged airways can be relieved with menthol. It is derived from a variety of mint plants. Many vapor rubs contain it because of its antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties. A little dab of mentholated ointment placed under your nostrils can aid in the opening of your respiratory pathways, so go ahead for this almost free treatment at home to get rid of your flu!

Essential Oils

Using oils for your hair and skin is a common practice among people, but did you know that you could use oils for the flu as well? Many essential oils may aid in the prevention of pathogens. According to one research, tea tree oil aids in the fight against the flu virus by reducing or preventing the bacteria's replication. The oil is most effective when applied within two hours of symptom onset, as per the study. Isn’t this amazing? You will surely be up and running in a day or two with this remedy.

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