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This is the first single from his upcoming album.

The ever green legend Bilal Maqsood has released his first solo song "Naya Naya" after calling it quits with Strings dedicating it to his amazing fans who were sad to see him parting ways with Faisal Kapadia.

Legendary writer and father Anwar Maqsood has co-written the lyrics and the video has been directed by Murtaza Chaudhary with an eye-catching cinematography featuring Bilal strolling around and interacting with passersby on the streets of Turkey. The lyrics are impressive and give out a feeling of elation and joy where Bilal expresses through the verses, "It seems fresh and new, Rain clouds burst, rain drops sparkle and my soul blossoms. I am singing - someone somewhere is listening. My words are special to someone somewhere."

The heart throb crooner revealed that the songs underway in his upcoming album are all lighthearted, something like desi pop. Earlier in March, his former partner Faisal Kapadia made his debut alongside Young Stunners in the Coke Studio song Phir Milenge. Strings' 33-year journey saw the end in March last year when co-founder Faisal Kapadia explained in an interview: "You really don't feel like ending things because it's your thing, and especially after the 30 album, things were going great. Strings we were performing on the biggest platforms, doing the biggest shows and all," he explained. "But it was precisely at a time like this that we needed to take this decision, to cut the cord. Otherwise we [would] start going downhill gradually, that is an automatic process in itself.”

Bilal Maqsood is working on multiple projects to uplift his journey as a solo artist revealing that he is gearing up for live performances as well. In his words: “I’m also getting my live band ready and preparing to go on stage, alone, for the very first time. I don’t know when that will be though.” Last month, he released eight original nursery rhymes in Urdu under his composition accompanied by cute animations dedicating them to Pakistani children.

Bilal's journey as a solo artist manifested him to explore new avenues where he has sung covers of songs on his piano at home, sharing them on Instagram, He said: “This is how it starts every morning. I sit on the piano, come up with ideas, record them and save them. Some of these ideas become choruses, some become intros and some stay on my phone for years. What will become of this one only time will tell.”

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