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There are certain people who reach a turning point in their lives where they achieve after a hard effort

There are certain people who reach a turning point in their lives where they achieve after a hard effort but then only ascend to greater heights. One such name is Umer Aalam, who rose to popularity after participating in and winning the competition on the best reality show, Tamasha, which aired on ARY Digital. He is renowned for his peculiar looks, curly hair, modest, down to earth personality, and stellar acting. The young, aspiring actor, model, and writer have emerged as the public's favorite celebrity after Tamasha. He recently landed a major role in the film Carma, although he has previously played supporting parts in Parchi, Challawa, and Parde me Rehne Do.During the Hum Bridal Couture Week '22, Aalam really owned the stage, when he walked as a show-stopper for Humayun Aalamgir. Despite numerous near-elimination scares, Aalam was able to stay in Tamasha Ghar and ultimately win the competition. Here are the three reasons for why we think Aalam will keep winning big long after his Tamasha victory.

He knows his Craft well:Umer has come a long way since beginning in theatre and now appearing in movies like Carma. In addition to winning hearts, the 29-year-old actor also excels on screen. Regardless of what big or small part he plays, he consistently puts his best effort. He not only truly transformed himself into the characters he was playing in Shehnai, Raqs-e-Bismil, Berukhi, and Pehli si Mohabbat, but also gave them so much more depth that, although playing secondary roles, audiences were still able to recall him for his mind blowing performances.

Aalam received 45% of the votes in the show Tamasha, which ultimately led to his victory. He was a consistent viewer favorite. For many viewers, he was the highlight of the show, and their sole motivation for continuing to watch the performance through the end was his positive personality. In addition to being the audience's favorite participant, the show's presenter, Adnan Siddiqui, couldn't help but sing praises for Aalam, referring to him as a crowd-puller and a winner in every sense of the term.

Dapper Dude: Aalam is a model as well as an actor, and he excels at utilizing his eccentric charm in both professions. The actor most recently walked as a showstopper at BCW looking like the king he is, and we were truly blown away. Aalam, who has about a 100k Instagram followers, receives tons of likes and comments on nearly all of his photographs since the actor always manages to look terrific.

The actor consistently sports a suave appearance in most of his photo shoots, demonstrating his ability to carry off any outfit. In our opinion, Umer Aalam not only won Tamasha but also 2022 without a doubt. With some incredibly huge projects in his work pipeline, we anticipate the actor will only succeed more in the coming future.

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