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On August 15 in 1969, Woodstock began in a field near Yasgur’s Farm at Bethel, New York. The three-day concert featured 24 rock bands and drew a crowd of more than 300,000 young people by the efforts of Michael Lang, Artie Kornfeld, Joel Rosenman, and John P. Roberts.. The event came to symbolize the counter-culture movement of the 1960’s promoting eace and music and of course, love.

Woodstock Music Festival co-founder Michael Lang photographed on May 23, 1969 in New York. (Photo by Don Paulsen/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Since then, the world has seen other music festivals inspired by the boho hippie movement, since! These include: Burning Man, Coachella, Jazz festivals, Heavy Metal Festivals and so on and so forth – the list is endless and we can’t possibly name every one!

This year, Woodstock commemorates its 50th year and the inner hippie in us is so overjoyed, we bring you throwback photographs and performances from the mighty music festival that brought people together in the way of love!

The festival was all about peace, love, music, color

Watching the performances from a hippie van 

Jimi Hendrix live in action!

Vintage tickets for Woodstock all the way from 1969

Beautiful hippies wore loose, comfortable clothes and focused on make and accessories. Check out her funky eye makeup!

Simple acts of what brings happiness – blowing bubbles, was very popular with hippies at the Woodstock Music Festival

A simple accessory made funky at the era of 1969 which is still very much in trend today, too!

Watch some of the festival here:


And watch some of the greats of the 80s, like Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Janis Joplin and Carlos Santana to name a few!

There’s so much more to share about Woodstock so stay tuned for the history of the music festival and meanwhile enjoy these images and videos!

Peace & Love xoxo


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