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Here are some festive ideas for Eid in quarantine! Be it celebrating with our closest loved ones or alone.

With the second phase of quarantine being exercised recently, we might find protocol eased as market places have been swamped and overcrowded with eager customers looking to do some quality Eid shopping before curfew.

Shops have been opened with the hopes of Standard Operating Procedure being followed but this has not been the case as the upcoming festivities are an essential part of celebrating a centuries long tradition after the Holy month of Ramadan, to uplift our spirits in this gloomy lockdown. However, not everyone is able to access the same connection with their closest loved ones and family members, be it long distance communication or paranoia about leaving the house due to overcrowded places.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Eid while maintaining social boundaries!

Eid Decor

We always say that our space defines our mental peace of mind. Eid ul Fitr is traditionally always a happy time to celebrate! "Meethi Eid" is when sweet dishes are usually the custom as the family gathers together over some ludoos and mithai whilst engaging in the exchange of Eidi, the children's favourite part perhaps.

We can use objects such as fairy-lights at home to beautify your surroundings, and make it a magical experience to cheer ourselves up! If you have a balcony at home, a small spot where you can use small pieces of decoration to brighten it up, whether it be with lights, cushions, sheets, afghan drapes or anything available to amp up the atmosphere, therefore, making the vibe more festive. Small things such as getting creative and doing your part for yourself can really be a huge mood booster in this turbulent time.

Eid Family Feast Over Zoom

Due to safety reasons this is a super effortless way to minimise stress of cooking several dishes to bring over. Family members can plan their own singular Eid dish or meal and bring it to lunch over a video call of their choice so it's a good time to maybe try out some new recipes!

Abroad and locally there have been business meetings held through the platform as well as personal ones to catch up with friends and family alike whether it be in a different country or not. This way Eid is more inclusive as if one has family abroad they can use this as a means to connect in a wholesome way with everyone feeling included. However, this does not mean you come to lunch in your pj's!

Dressing Up

Some of us may not have been too keen on the Eid Rush for shopping this time round, therefore we may not have the ideal Eid outfit of our choice. We can decide whether we'd like to place an order for a new outfit or we re-purpose our own outfits from our closets! Some celebrities have even taken a similar initiative where they customise outfits already worn before, such as Joaquin Phoenix. For example, we can take an outfit which we don't totally hate, and we can either re-wear it, or we can design it to our own liking by either stylizing it with accessories or making a few cuts here and there, adding on or taking away, but coming up with a whole new look!

After a new outfit we can doll up in whichever way we choose, it's always fun to dress up and try on some new looks, maybe being a bit more adventurous or keep it simple, it's upto you! Some people are even interested in creative mehndi or henna designs which can be an artful experience for whoever is interested in experimenting, it can be made at home in fact, or ordered online.

Mandatory Eid Photoshoot

The necessary rite of passage every Eid involves the mandatory Eid pictures after dressing up and getting ready to post on Instagram. This not only makes you feel better but it's a super fun experience and can be a great way to pass the time and end up with some wonderful memories about how you made the most of this impossible situation with a good attitude and a festive outcome to tell stories about later!

Eid this year is sure to be trying because of various restrictions that have been implemented but this will not dampen our spirit if we choose to personalise it this time around in our own special ways!

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