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Famous Tik Tok stars were invited to the Governor House Punjab by Chaudhry Sarwar and his wife to help spread and create awareness about COVID 19.

Doctors and specialists have continuously been warning us and spreading awareness about the global pandemic but their words are being ignored or taken lightly, will these Tik Tok stars be able to do the job?

Tik Tok is a recently popular app which has been exposed to fame, becoming a common "fun" way to pass the time using social media with humorous or, at times, outrageous videos.

Specialists and doctors continued admonition and mindfulness awareness and thoughts about this worldwide pandemic however nobody bothered to listen to them and now 'tiktokers' will shed light through dance recordings and educate people about the safety measures and the novel coronavirus.

People are considerably concerned and skeptical in reference to these Tik Tokers spreading awareness rather than doctors or specialists doing so. According to them it is a 'comical act' though ironically specialists and doctors were disregarded by many and the same minds are making these tik tok stars a laughing stock.

The Governor of Punjab, Chaudhry Sarwar and his wife, Begum Perveen Sarwar, celebrated TikTokers and educated them to voice concerns and create awareness through their platform about the virus and its driving issues among the overall population, which has the internet divided.

Lahore (HRNW)- The meet up was organized to guide the social media activists about their role during the on-going pandemic. Many social media influencers including Kanwal Aftab, Sehar Hayat, Haris Ali and Daniyal Sohail and many others were part of the meeting with the Governor of Punjab.

This news turned social media over to the tempest and numerous individuals mocked and criticised the government for overlooking the educated individuals who can bring issues to light in a superior manner. While as, a few people upheld this choice of the legislature as TikTok stars have a gigantic fan following particularly of adolescents.

One of the TikTok stars, Kanwal Aftab in an interview shared the reason why government invited them. She said:

“They invited TikTokers because from the last 6-8 months doctors are requesting people to stay home and stay safe and there is no one who is taking it seriously. People are thinking that the government is making them fool so they invited us to share this message.”

Let’s aspire to hope that these tik tok stars are efficacious enough to spread attentiveness and serious action against the spreading of the global pandemic and people pay attention to them cautiously, and follow their advice.

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