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The WHO claims that Pakistan is one of the 6 countries whose example should be followed after its effective handling of COVID-19.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has previously attested that Pakistan has handled the situation regarding the ongoing global pandemic well, seeing as how currently the cases are decreasing and industries have opened up.

Recently, WHO has referred to Pakistan as one of the 6 countries 'the world can learn from' for fighting pandemics in the future. The director-general of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has emphasised that the novel coronavirus is not the last pandemic the world will face. In the past, pandemics such as the Influenza, Swine Flu, Cholera and the Plague have shown us how humanity must be prepared to face such illnesses.

"History teaches us that outbreaks and pandemics are a fact of life. But when the next pandemic comes, the world must be ready – more ready than it was this time,"

Dr. Tedros has spoken about how despite the evolving of modern medicine and developments in the field, countries have not fully established or prepared their public health systems. In Pakistan, the polio-system infrastructure has greatly helped in handling the COVID-19 effectively, as of September, the lowest cases have been recorded since the beginning days of lockdown.

Previously the WHO has also commended Pakistan in the past for its approach to and handling of the coronavirus situation, acknowledging how the country was able to prevent the virus from spreading like wildfire and the systems instilled in place.

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