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Citizens fear that a second wave of coronavirus may call for an imposed lockdown.

For the past few months we had seen a decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan until recently. There is a significant chance of coronavirus cases spiking once again, a chance second-wave, because of how open the cities had been the past few months, there is only so much precaution that people choose to take so that the virus does not spread.

There has been talk the past couple of weeks that the Sindh Government may possibly be re-imposing the lock down so that we can keep the number of cases as in control as possible. That being said, we don’t see that the people will be taking this news well but decisions have to be made now in order to avoid a second wave, hoping for cases to decrease.

There have already been cases rising in North Nazimabad and the Sindh Government has already begun taking action by imposing micro-smart lockdowns in two of the South districts. Health director Dr Nadeem Sheikh informed Express Tribune that, “24 localities in South district, 41 localities in Malir district, 2 localities in West district, a sum of 39 houses in Korangi district, four localities in Central district and a sum of 637 houses in East district had been identified as Covid-19 hotspots in the city.”

He also added that any area where COVID cases are identified which are also known as “hotspots” will be sealed off. Senator Saeed Ghani has also denied rumours of schools closing in Sindh.

There is only so much that the government can do, imposing a full lockdown may be needed again if the situation does not improve, seeing as how the government is trying to enlighten people about the urgency of taking immediate precaution and practicing SOPs.

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