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Recipes, reviews and so much more. These bloggers have us salivating

Food blogging has come a long way in Pakistan (and around the world, for that matter). From just being a documentation of pretty plates to works of art with extensive research behind them. What draws us into these blogs is the authenticity of their story telling - they are not captions filled with superlative adjectives, and most importantly, they feel honest and authentic.

Morewish Cuisine by Mahwish in Chicago, USA

Mahwish creates and recreates some of Pakistan's best loved recipes and does justice to them with her photography skills. She table spreads belong in a magazine! She also does YouTube tutorials in Urdu and English. But honestly, what I enjoy most are her Insta Stories as she goes about her day. It is positively wholesome!

Karachi Food Adventures by Zulu in Karachi, Pakistan

This is where you come if you need to break your diet. Zulekha Ahmed covers all kinds of food experiences including restaurants, home based outfits, street food and more recently, recipes. What I love most about Zulekha's food gram is her unwavering support for small businesses. She is also a professional photographer, so the feed is absolutely stunning.

Tasha the Food Traveler by Natasha D in Karachi, Pakistan

Combining two of my favourite things - food and travel! There is any earthiness about Natasha's story telling. She uses simple pictures, an honest tone and a sense of wonder. I can safely admit that I have tried eateries on Natasha's recommendation without any complaints.

Butt Eats by Hussain and Iqra in Lahore, Pakistan

Butt Eats' close up shots of Lahore's most decadent street eats makes me want to get to Lahore right away, Just look at that samosa chat assembly. Although they did once post a picture of some Biryani doused in Chicken Masala which really broke my Karachi heart. But beware, this feed is not for the weak hearted - it is decadent and unapologetic.

Islamabad Food Diaries by Fatima Rafique in Islamabad, Pakistan

Staying true to Islamabad's reputation as a city of 'burgers,' Fatima's feed features ALOT of burgers and fast food from fashionable cafes and restaurants in Islamabad. Clearly geared towards a young audience, this food gram is your guide for urban comfort food in the capital.

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