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Ramzan is a beautiful month – for many reasons. While it is the month of fasting, I never eat more than I do during this time. The fear of fainting 45 minutes before the iftar pushes most people, including me, to have at least two dinners, a snack, and finally sehri before embarking on their spiritual journey. Then, of course, nothing feels like a greater reward than a lavish iftar right? While all this sounds ideal, your bank accounts may disagree. Somehow, the month of abstaining seems to put me out of budget. In light of this conflict, I have taken the liberty of compiling the biggest Ramadan deals in Lahore this year to satisfy your cravings and your wallet.

Keeping it Casual


Treat yourself with your favorite food at McDonalds with this 12-day deal which will satisfy you within PKR 200!

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has got your back with a flat 40% off on their online menu so you can enjoy a well-deserved cheat meal at home, all while staying within budget.


Dominos seems to have caught on to our national obsession with Wacky Wednesday. I couldn’t be happier to let you know that every day of this month will be Wacky Wednesday at Dominos.

Feeling Fancy?

Café Aylanto

With their #IftaarBazar, Aylanto is offering you a range of starters, mains, desserts as well as complimentary iftar items.

Coco Cubano

Coco Cubano is also offering you a starter, choice of main, drinks and dessert all within PKR 2000 per person!


Looking for a filling place but can’t spend another thousand? Grab three friends and head down to Nando’s to split a satisfying meal for Rs 650.

Café Zouk

Another iftar platter available for a group of your friends or family is available here for around PKR 2,000.

Big Buffets

The Nishat

The Cube Restaurant at The Nishat Gulberg is offering an Iftar only buffet, as well as an Iftar plus Dinner option. The Iftar Buffet is for Rs 1699 plus tax and the Iftar Dinner Buffet is for Rs 3399 plus tax.

Karak Khel

Cheap, yet filling, Karak Khel is a fun and different experience which you can enjoy this month with your friends and family for around PKR 600.

Arcadian Café

Their highlights will make your mouth water!


If you’re living around Gulberg or Johar Town in Lahore, Novu is providing you a heavy buffet offer, with the option of many mains, salads, desserts and iftar items available for around Rs 2150 per person.

We will keep updating this list so bookmark the page!

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