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Time to heat things up

Many parts of Pakistan face extremely high climates throughout the year and as a result, drinking something like soup only proves to make life more difficult. At this time of year though, whether you’re a fan of the rich and creamy variety or the broth-y and spicier sort -- you know that there is a big beautiful plate of warm soup just about to hit the spot for you.

From clubs like Defence, Marina and Sindh to ever so popular Chinese and continental restaurants, to even roadside cafes -- there is no shortage of soup in Karachi and we are sure you can get your fill from one of our suggestions!

Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken soup is salty, it's hot and the texture of the egg is uniquely amazing. Not to mention it's one of those dishes you can enhance and spruce up with a variety of condiments including soy sauce, chilli sauce and spiced vinegar.

Our top picks for this one are:


Chairman Mao

Al-Hussaini Chicken corn soup

Tom Yum Soup

In my belief, the spicier the better and that’s why this delicious Thai soup is ever so popular among so many parts of the world. It is commonly found at many fusion restaurants and has two common variations: goong (with prawn) and gai (with chicken).

Our top picks for this one are:




Cream of Mushroom

Heartier than all the other clearer soups mentioned on this list, a good cream of mushroom soup hits all the right spots! It is filling, warm in your throat and belly as well as being a soup you can easily substitute a meal with.

Our top picks for this one are:



Koffie Chalet

Thelay Wala Soup

The food at roadside cafes has a very unique way of satisfying both stomach and sole. Not only is the food reasonably priced but it is normally in heavy rotation and is being constantly prepared hot and fresh! These thelay wala soups are an elite ‘stop and snack.’

Our top picks for this one are:

SaifUllah Soup in Bolton Market

Battair Soup at Khilafat Chowk

Azam Soup

Hot and Sour Soup

In between are first two suggestions lies what could only be the soup version of ordering the mild flavour at Nandos. Nonetheless, this soup is pretty much what it states itself to be, both spicy and sour and great in this weather.

Our top picks for this one are:




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